Spring Cleaning Time

Spring cleaning can seem like a chore, that’s because it is.
There Is so much to do, Including the windows inside and out, cleaning the slime and grime off the garden paths, clearing the gutters, all of your pvc needs scrubbed too so imagine, after a hard day’s work or being rushed off your feet with the kids all day and trying to get the motivation and the energy to do these essential jobs, It’s probably making you tired just thinking about it.
We can take some of the pressure of the spring cleaning away by doing a few of these jobs for you.
A&G cleaning services NI Ltd will can carry out the following jobs so you don’t have to:
• Window cleaning internal and external
• Pvc Cleaning
• Power washing
• Gutter cleaning

With all those taken care of, there isn’t as much for you to have to do, so that leaves you more time to relax spend time with the kids or get other things done.

All you need to do is give us a call on 07496 484527 or visit the website aandgcleaningservices.co.uk to get a quote, we won’t be looking an arm and leg either.

Window cleaner and the kitten

the window cleaner and the cat
Guiness the cat

Meet Guinness the cat, Guinness loves it when it comes to the monthly window cleaning because he has made a new BFF, the window cleaner, this may seem strange and very unlikely but it’s true.

Since Guinness was a kitten, they have had the same window cleaner and every time he abseils down the building to the window, the cat will be waiting to meet him to say hello, the owner (Rina Takei) even refers to him as his ‘Uncle’.

Guinness gets so excited when he sees the window cleaner that he tries to play a game with him or even lend a paw! Just look at the smile on the man’s face.

If this doesn’t brighten up your day I don’t know what will

Watch the video below of the window cleaner and the Kitten

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