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Window Cleaning Belfast Lisburn and beyond

Window cleaning Belfast Lisburn and Beyond, Here at A & G cleaning services we strive to ensure your windows are cleaned with a professional shine therefore we practice 2 different methods of cleaning which are detailed below:

Method 1 is the reach and wash system, this uses purified water which is fed through a pole to a brush on the end. The brush moves across the window which allows the pure water to remove and absorb the dirt. The window is then rinsed to leave a streak free shine. Not only does the reach and wash system clean the window itself, it also cleans the frame which is fantastic for getting those white upvc windows back to white again. This also means we can reach those higher windows without the need for ladders.

Method 2 is Traditional window cleaning, this refers to the use of applicators, squeegees, cloths and soapy water. Soapy water is first applied to the window using the applicator, the water is then removed using the squeegee and the edges tidied using a lint free cloth. The Traditional method has definite advantages, especially when cleaning ground level and internal windows.

Window cleaning Belfast

We Provide window cleaning in Belfast

Window cleaning Lisburn

We also provide window cleaning in Lisburn.

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